• Office, Hospitality & Venue WiFi Networks

    Are your users, guests or clients complaining about the speed or coverage of your WiFi? We have hardware, software, and carrier solutions to solve your Wi-Fi speed and coverage issues.

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    Office Wi-Fi & Internet Bandwidth

    Empowering the users and devices on your corporate network to operate quickly and efficiently

    We have a full complement of WiFi hardware and carrier connections which work together to speed up and improve the coverage of your network. We can provide QoS and VLANs as needed to support specific applications and system demands. Complete proactive management service and backup bandwidth is available for these networks.

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    Hospitality Networks

    Provide your guests with an amenity service which differentiates you from your competitors.

    Whether offered for free, fremium, or as a premium service, your on-site WiFi network must support the demands of today's always-connected guests. Bad reviews often start with complaints about the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi service on your property. We eliminate these complaints and issues by thoughtfully increasing your available bandwidth and coverage. We can also provide backup bandwidth to insulate your PMS and credit card processing, as well as your guests, from internet outages.

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    Venue Networks

    Powerful WiFi connections for meetings and events

    Clients of venues and meeting spaces now expect WiFi which performs as well or better than the connectivity in their offices. This expectation applies to both dense meetings rooms - with hundreds of simultaneous active users - and expo floors with a few users per hundred square feet. Solution for dense environments and for broad coverage environments are available. We are experts are integrating WiFi and connectivity into non-traditional and adaptive re-use facilities.

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    Temporary/Event Wi-Fi

    We can provide equipment and/or bandwidth to support almost any kind of meeting, event, expo, trade show or emergency.


    Pricing depends on how much bandwidth you need, how many people the network will support, and how large the office or venue.


    Use the request help button or give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your specific needs.