• Why Concierge Service?

    Is a "Boutique" Support Service Right for You?


    When you call for tech support or assistance with your internet connection, do you have to open a ticket, wait for someone to call back, ask you 30 more questions, then maybe if you're lucky send someone out? There is a better way.


    What if 90% of all your issues could be resolved within 1 hour of them happening? What if 95% of all your issues could be resolved with a single text or phone call? Concierge business support services are provided on a retainer basis. Each client retainer is unique and reflects the complexity of the client's needs/systems as well as the time expected in supporting them each month.


    In almost all cases, the person who answers your call or email will own the issue until completion. There is no passing the buck or putting work off on someone else you can't get on the phone.


    When you engage one of our Concierge Support Team, they know your business. They have access to documentation, passwords, and anything else required to successfully support you.


    Our deep knowledge of IT, business, administration and all the services, software and systems required to support you lead to seamless, trouble-free operation for your business.


    Your time is money. Period. So is ours. You are paying a Concierge to do work you would otherwise spend hours of your own time chasing down. How much is your time worth? Our average client goes from spending 10-20 hours a month on technical issues to spending less than 1 hour per month. What could you do with an extra 19 hours of productive time in your schedule each month?

    Cost Containment

    Our Concierge Support services offer predictable expenses month to month. Any time we foresee the need to exceed the hours provided by your monthly retainer, we will communicate this as soon as possible. When necessary, we can provide contingency plans or alternate plans in order to conserve corporate cash flow.

    We Are Tightwads

    You read that right. We want to maximize every dollar you spend. When you need to purchase hardware, we'll find the best prices for you. When you need new phone or internet services, we'll compare all the available options and present you with the best choices. When you need to move to new office, we'll help you avoid mistakes which lead most businesses end to spend unplanned money.

    2am or 2pm: It's the Same to Us

    Business often doesn't run on a 9-5 schedule. On most of our plans, we are always on call.