• About CLT Geek

    Where'd we come from? How'd we get here?

    In late 2010, the founders of CLT Geek met to discuss how local IT professionals of varying backgrounds could work together to solve the needs of local start-ups, small businesses and growing mid-size enterprises.


    Over the past few years, we have market tested several support concepts in the Charlotte area and in other metros around the US where we have business partners. After analyzing all the data and suggestions of our customers, we formed the CLT Geek Concierge Business Service team.


    We live here. We work here. We train other IT professionals here. Often we are called on to fix what other "geeks" have broken. We're not a cheap tech support company. We are the guys you call when you absolutely need the right answer or don't have time for fluff and BS. All of our staff are straight shooters. We believe accurate and timely information is more valuable than marketing fluff and hiding the whole truth from our clients.


    We are a collective:
    A collective is a group in which like minded people join together to perform similar or related tasks for the benefit of the whole group. In a collective, each person cooperates well with the other members in order to provide a unified solution or solve problems. The performance of a collective is greater than its individual constituent parts.


    In partnering together to serve you, we are able to combine experiences and disiplines together which generally would not occur together in the average IT or support department. This gives us the capacity to innovate and solve problems in unique ways.


    Whatever your problem, we’re ready to tackle it. Let us know what challenges and chaos we can solve for you!


    CLT Geek Inc. is a Certified Diverse Supplier and participates in supplier diversity initiatives. We value our community and local small and growing businesses.