• Concierge Business Support Services

    Imagine someone always in your corner, thinking ahead on tech issues so they don't catch you by surprise, always asking the questions you didn't know to ask, educating and empowering you, and advocating for your business best interests. CLT Geek Concierges do this!

  • Concierge Business Support Service Packages

    We have a few basic packages. Consider these as starting point as most clients have their own custom packages.

    Puzzle Master


    When your business has lots of pieces but no one has a holistic view of the business or knows all the technical, admin, or supporting pieces of your business.


    Puzzle Masters engage with the business, identify its components, address critical missing components and put a plan in place to train, hire, or outsource missing pieces of the business.


    Implementation may require Support or CIO services in addition to the services of the Puzzle Master.


    Starting at $150/mo plus initial consultation and hourly (as-required)

    Print Magician


    When your business uses lots of bulk mail, marketing pieces, brochures, business cards, etc.


    Our Print Magicians have special powers to reduce your pricing expenses to the same wholesale prices paid by local print shops and ad agencies.


    We will work with your existing graphics design staff/service, find a new one for you, or create materials ourselves - depending on your particular needs.


    You will never pay more than wholesale for mailings, business cards, banners, signs, handouts, etc.


    Starting at $250/mo plus the cost of printing and/or design

    Digital Magician


    When your business needs a new website in 24 hours; You are leaving for a tradeshow and you need an ecommerce website up before your plane lands in Vegas; Must get an eBook edited and launched on Amazon before the weekend; Need to get going on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest but have zero time or patience for social media; Or you just don't know what to do with your website or why you have it in the first place.


    Our Digital Magicians know how to work their magic on all things digital. Web, social, ecommerce, digital publishing. We have talented magicians in all those areas.


    Starting at $250/mo, plus expenses

    Blue Ribbon Support


    When everyone in your business dreads coming into the office because they never know what your systems will do that day. Or when your systems are on a roller coaster of unpredictability.


    Our Support Team will address your current system stability issues by fixing problems, recommending new hardware, implementing new systems, or whatever is required to make your business successful.


    We order hardware, internet connections, web services, etc. as needed and directed.


    Starting at $300/mo, plus required resources

    Trophy Winning CIO


    When you have multiple companies performing technical functions for your business but no one is coordinating all those functions and no one knows exactly what you're paying for, IT projects run late, and/or things are in such a convoluted mess you're afraid to touch anything.


    Our On-Demand CIOs will take responsibility for of all aspects of your business' technical life (as deeply as requested) and eliminate redundancy, worry and under-performing assets. We often function as power-of-attorney for IT operations.


    Starting at $1000/mo, plus expenses

  • About CLT Geek

    Where'd we come from? How'd we get here?

    In late 2010, the founders of CLT Geek met to discuss how local IT professionals of varying backgrounds could work together to solve the needs of local start-ups, small businesses and growing mid-size enterprises.


    Over the past few years, we have market tested several support concepts in the Charlotte area and in other metros around the US where we have business partners. After analyzing all the data and suggestions of our customers, we formed the CLT Geek Concierge Business Service team.


    We live here. We work here. We train other IT professionals here. Often we are called on to fix what other "geeks" have broken. We're not a cheap tech support company. We are the guys you call when you absolutely need the right answer or don't have time for fluff and BS. All of our staff are straight shooters. We believe accurate and timely information is more valuable than marketing fluff and hiding the whole truth from our clients.


    We are a collective:
    A collective is a group in which like minded people join together to perform similar or related tasks for the benefit of the whole group. In a collective, each person cooperates well with the other members in order to provide a unified solution or solve problems. The performance of a collective is greater than its individual constituent parts.


    In partnering together to serve you, we are able to combine experiences and disiplines together which generally would not occur together in the average IT or support department. This gives us the capacity to innovate and solve problems in unique ways.


    Whatever your problem, we’re ready to tackle it. Let us know what challenges and chaos we can solve for you!

  • Why Concierge Service?

    Is a "Boutique" Support Service Right for You?


    When you call for tech support or assistance with your internet connection, do you have to open a ticket, wait for someone to call back, ask you 30 more questions, then maybe if you're lucky send someone out? There is a better way.


    What if 90% of all your issues could be resolved within 1 hour of them happening? What if 95% of all your issues could be resolved with a single text or phone call? Concierge business support services are provided on a retainer basis. Each client retainer is unique and reflects the complexity of the client's needs/systems as well as the time expected in supporting them each month.


    In almost all cases, the person who answers your call or email will own the issue until completion. There is no passing the buck or putting work off on someone else you can't get on the phone.


    When you engage one of our Concierge Support Team, they know your business. They have access to documentation, passwords, and anything else required to successfully support you.


    Our deep knowledge of IT, business, administration and all the services, software and systems required to support you lead to seamless, trouble-free operation for your business.


    Your time is money. Period. So is ours. You are paying a Concierge to do work you would otherwise spend hours of your own time chasing down. How much is your time worth? Our average client goes from spending 10-20 hours a month on technical issues to spending less than 1 hour per month. What could you do with an extra 19 hours of productive time in your schedule each month?

    Cost Containment

    Our Concierge Support services offer predictable expenses month to month. Any time we foresee the need to exceed the hours provided by your monthly retainer, we will communicate this as soon as possible. When necessary, we can provide contingency plans or alternate plans in order to conserve corporate cash flow.

    We Are Tightwads

    You read that right. We want to maximize every dollar you spend. When you need to purchase hardware, we'll find the best prices for you. When you need new phone or internet services, we'll compare all the available options and present you with the best choices. When you need to move to new office, we'll help you avoid mistakes which lead most businesses end to spend unplanned money.

    2am or 2pm: It's the Same to Us

    Business often doesn't run on a 9-5 schedule. On most of our plans, we are always on call.

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    Facebook: @cltgeek

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