• ZERO Markup Printing!

    Yes, zero as in $0, 0%, nada, nothing, ZERO!

    Experience the freedom to buy what your business needs without having to think about how printing, bulk mail and trade show printing will have on your bottom line.

  • Why CLT Geek Zero Markup Printing?

    You like to save money, right?

    I'm already a client. Do I have this?

    CLT Geek clients already have it! New clients can join easily.

    All CLT Geek clients who have a monthly plan or retainer have access to our Zero Markup Printing at no additional cost. It's included as a benefit of being one of our clients. Just let us know you need something printed and we'll coach you through submitting the file or design it for you.

    How does it work?

    Once you're a client, just keep a credit card on file and send us your designs.

    As with all things CLT Geek, we strive to make your life easier and eliminate unnecessary work from your day. There are 4 main steps to using our printing services.

    1. Request the template for what you need to design (or ask us to design it) and pricing.
    2. Design the printed material (or approve what we design for you) and send it to us.
    3. We'll bill your credit card on file and send the item(s) to print.
    4. Your printed materials arrive via UPS or local delivery anywhere in the US or Canada.

    What can you print?

    Short version... Everything!

    Obviously, we print lots and lots of business cards, postcards, and banners. We can source anything you can imagine - logo apparel, t-shirts, flags, banners, building wraps, vehicle wraps, posters, magnets, etc. We work closely with 16 production facilities across the US and Canada. We have another 30 secondary providers for speciality items and unique circumstances. No matter where we source the item, you never pay a markup! You pay our exact wholesale cost - ALWAYS!


    Here's our main product catalog. Don't see what you need? Ask us! We source everything!

    Can you design my materials?

    Absolutely! Logos, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, you name it!

    We're always happy to design materials for clients. Our standard design rate is $50/hr. Speak with your account manager to find out if design service time is already included in your monthly service package. Most packages either include or allow the trade out of unused services for design time. We're here to make your life easier.

    I'm not already a client. How to I get in on this?

    $100 minimum retainer, month-to-month, cancel any time

    If you're not already a CLT Geek client, we have a $100/mo minimum retainer. You can retain us for just the zero-markup printing services - and you will receive 2 hours of design time per month for your $100 retainer. Most of our clients find our responsiveness to tech support and business management services is so much better than anything they have ever experienced - and end up becoming users of our other service packages. All of our packages are month-to-month. If you no longer need the service, just give us 30 days notice and your service will terminate at the end of the next billing cycle. An overwhelming majority of our clients save their entire monthly service package just on their savings from printing and mailing services!

    How much can I really save?

    Depends on who's doing your printing but easily hundreds of dollars!

    How much you'll save depends on who you're paying for your printing currently. We guarantee you will always get the lowest prices in the market unless a specific provider is offering products at a loss in order to win business/market share. See below for savings examples.

  • Savings Examples

    Questions? Email geek@cltgeek.com for more information and specific product pricing.